UBCon XXVIII Presents

Fink Illusion

Austin Tindle

Phill LaMarr

Zach Stella

News and Updates


Nerds in their natural habitat
Nerds in their natural habitat.

SARPA- the Strategists and Role Players Association- is the University at Buffalo’s gaming club which was founded in 1989. A major function of the club is to plan, organize, and staff UBCon.

SARPA also meets on a weekly basis to enjoy various board games, card games, and video games. For more information regarding the club and its year-round activities, email jrfisk@buffalo.edu.

Artists and Vendors

Vendors and artists

We have 25 Vendors joining us this year at con, located in
145 Student Union.


We also have 35 Artists joining us this year at con, located in the Flagroom, which is located in the second floor of the Student Union


Nerf War

Registration for Nerf War will start at 11:00PM both Friday and Saturday during con.

Registration for Nerf War will be in the Student Union lobby.

Times, event cap, etc will all be announced on this page. Stay tuned for updates!