Cosplay Contest


Hosted by UB Cosplay Club



  • Walk-Ons: A category for anyone to enter, and one “fan favorite” winner will be chosen by the audience.
  • Craftsmanship: This category is for people to enter with a hand made (at least 60%) costume. These contestants will go through pre-judging and be judged on the quality of their costume. 3 winners will be chosen by the judges.
  • Skit-  A single person or group can enter with a skit. They will be judged based on their performance and acting. Skits should be 3 minutes or less. 2 winners will be chosen. 1 will be chosen by judges and the runner up will be a fan favorite.


  • Entrees must have a Con Badge: NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All ages are permitted to enter.
  • Entree Registration is first come first serve.
  • All convention rules (including costumes and weapons) will be enforced.
  • Barefoot characters must have shoes on for the contest. The lack of authenticity will be forgiven.
  • No throwing items into the audience.
  • Any stage fighting during skits must be done at slow speed.
  • Jumping off the stage or walking into the audiences is not allowed.
  • Groups (up to 6 people) may enter in the category they feel is most fitting.
  • Group members may independently enter in a different category that their group is not in (craftsmanship or skits).
  • No Vulgarity beyond a PG-13 rating.
  • Original characters are only allowed in the walk on category. Alternate versions of existing characters are allowed in any category.
  • Bought Costumes: Costumes which are entirely purchased or fully commissioned are only allowed in the skit and walk on category. If a contestant wishes to enter a commissioned/purchased costume in Craftsmanship, the person who made the costume must be present to receive the award.
  • No loose messy substances are allowed on stage (glitter, anything wet, etc.)
  • Craftsmanship entrees, please bring reference pictures if possible.