General Questions

What is UBCon?

UBCon is UB SARPA, UB Anime and UB Cosplay’s annual convention hosted on the University at Buffalo North Campus. The convention started as a gaming and anime convention, but has expanded to encompass most other fandoms as well.

When is UBCon?

UBCon is typically held during the month of April, this year however, it will be March 8-10.

Where is UBCon?

UBCon is located on the University at Buffalo North Campus, centrally in the Student Union

What are the hours of operation for the convention?

The tentative hours for the convention are Friday 6pm to 3am, Saturday 9am to 3am, and Sunday 9am to 3pm. These hours are subject to change.

What’s the difference between a badge and a ticket?

A ticket is your proof of purchase, a badge is your identification for the convention.

Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the SBI Ticket Office located in the Student Union, or purchased online through the SBI Ticket Office.

How much are tickets?


Can I pick up my tickets before the event?

Absolutely, and this is highly recommended. Online tickets can be picked up at the SBI Ticket Office in the Student Union, or mailed to you.

I have my UBCon ticket. How do I get my badge?

On the days of the convention, the registration desk will be in the Student Union lobby. You will need your ticket and a photo ID with date of birth to receive a badge. School ID’s and other identification without a date of birth is accepted, but the person presenting such ID will always be marked as under 18.

Why do I need a badge and a ticket? Why not just one?

University standards require us to verify the age of participants in UBCon, and to ascertain the legal name of each participant. As tickets can be purchased in bulk and without identification, we require that each participant come to the registration desk to receive proper verification. Badges also allow us to quickly check the age of a participant for 18+ rooms.

What do I need to bring to the event?

To receive your badge, you are required to bring a photo ID with date of birth. School ID’s and other identification without a date of birth is accepted, but the person presenting such ID will always be marked as under 18.

When do events start?

Events start 6pm on Friday, and 9am Saturday and Sunday. These hours are subject to change.

Artists and Vendors

How much does a table cost?

One table – $45

Two Tables – $99

Three and Four – $180

How many tables can I purchase?

Up to Four.

How are Artist/Vendors chosen?

We select vendors based on the variety and quality they add to our Artist Alley and Vendor’s Room. Only professionally filled out applications will be chosen.

How many people can I bring to help out at the event?

You may bring a number of assistants depending on the number of tables you are allotted. Two assistants for one table, three assistants for two tables, and four assistants for three tables.

Do I have to stay all three days?

It’s preferred, in order to ensure that the Artist Alley and Vendor’s Room have no vacant spaces. Applicants will be more heavily considered if it is stated they will stay for all three days.

When does the artist alley/vendor room open/close?

The Artist Alley and Vendor Room are open 6pm to 10pm Friday, 10am to 8pm Saturday, and 10am to 2pm Sunday.

What kind of merchandise is sold in the vendor room/artist alley?

It varies from year to year, but the Vendor’s Room is primarily for prepackaged or third party merchandise, and the Artist Alley is primarily for artists selling their own work.

Where can I find applications?

Applications will be available on the Facebook page for UBCon Artists and Vendors.

When will applications be posted?

Applications will be posted two months prior to con.

Are applications first come, first serve?

No. Applications are selected based on the variety they bring to the Vendor’s Room or Artist Alley, and the professionalism of the application.

What will the layout be in the vendor room/artist alley?


Game Masters (GMs)

What is a GM?

A GM is a Game Master. It is the identifier we use for people running events at UBCon.

What kind of events are held at UBCon?

The majority of events are held by the community, so events vary by year. Typically we have various types of gaming and anime events, as well as various fandom meetups and games.

How do I register my event?

A form will be available on the registration website:


What do I get for running an event?

There are tiered rewards for running events based on the length of events run. As merchandise is decided, the specific rewards will be listed here.

If I run an event do I get in for free?

No, free tickets are part of the reward system, but are only available for 6 hours of events or more.

Is there a way for me to earn a free ticket without extending my event hours?

Yes, volunteering to staff the convention for additional time. The chief of staff (ubconchiefofstaff@gmail.com) can be contacted to arrange this.

I need help to run my event. Can those who help me get the same perks?

These situations will be taken on a case by case basis.

Can I have access to…(a particular room, technology, supplies)?

Maybe. Please indicate on your event registration form what resources you are requesting.

If I ask for a room/technology/equipment, am I guaranteed that resource?

No, resources are distributed based on availability and event scale.

Can I give away prizes at my event?

Yes, and prize support can be requested at no cost, but is not guaranteed. You may also bring your own prizes.

Can I charge an entry fee for my event?

No. Any GM charging an entry fee will be banned from the convention.

Can I collect money for a prize pool?

No. Any GM collecting money for a prize pool will be banned from the convention.

My event is 18+. Who is responsible for enforcing this?

The GM in charge of the event is responsible for enforcing both badges and age requirements on their event. Badges are labeled with the age of the participant. For larger events, UBCon staff may be available for additional badge checking, but are not guaranteed.